This lovely old lady

Certain objects from our history have a certain feeling around them, a sense of place and memory and for me my first sewing machine, this old beloved Singer that my Mum gave me on my 10th birthday is one such treasured object. I was always drawn to beautiful things and I fell in loe with this well thought out gift when I first lifted the old wooden lid to encounter the etched silver filigreee and gold leaf inlay detail of this elegant machine.

My Mum was a fabulous creative artist, there was nothing she couldn't sew, paint, cook or create. I'm not being modest when I say that I am lucky enoght to have inherited a tenth of her creative ablilities alongside my Dad business and ownership skills.

This lovely old lady lives in our Solana Beach studio...she is my constant reminder of how wise our parents are, how they help steer our futire in the right direction in subltyle ways you don't even know you'll eventually take.