Photo by Stacy Childers Photography

                                                   Photo by Stacy Childers Photography


Born in Southeast England, to a family of French and English lineage, Lead Designer of the Justine M Couture collections, Justine Louise Helena Murray, brings a sophisticated marriage of the romantic, feminine flair of French style and the tradition and regal elegance of English aristocracy, to all her jewelry and veil designs.

Traveling the world collecting ideas and inspiration, Justine made her home in Southern California and in 2002 created The Tiara Room, a charming and popular retail boutique offering her own designs to Southern California brides and event stylists.

From this hands-on beginning with bridal clients, Justine evolved into designing solely for retail boutiques around the world and the Justine M Couture collection was born.

Justine M Couture offers discerning brides a distinct alternative to traditional accessory styling. The collection aims to capture the imagination through extensive use of eclectic materials, raising the level of bridal fashion to that of artistry.

Justine believes Each piece I create is its own unique work of art that hails back to a time when elegance in fashion was more important than a passing trend” 

The 2015/2016 Justine M Couture collection reflects both her English and French heritage.  Her pieces relate both a vintage appeal and a contemporary impact, with a timeless classical foundation that is the key to its appeal and success with bridal everywhere.

Culling from a wide range of components; from laces to filigree metals, the Justine M Couture line captures attention worldwide. 

Justine M Couture’s brides are feminine, confident and stylish, unafraid to show their individual personality all the while appreciating traditions and fine quality products that stand the test of time. Justine M Couture pieces are designed to be passed down, the traditional way, to daughters and granddaughters, through many generations. 

The Justine M Couture label is carried by an exclusive selection of retailers and luxury department stores all over the world.

                                               Photo by Stacy Childers Photography

                                               Photo by Stacy Childers Photography