Bianca Blusher veil

tilly blusher 2.jpg
tilly blusher.jpg
tilly blusher 2.jpg
tilly blusher.jpg

Bianca Blusher veil


Description:  Classic simple blusher with no trim.

Veil shape:  Traditional "U" cut.

Color options:  Blushers are typically sampled with no trim (raw cut) however alternative trims are available for this veil including pencil/stitched edge, ribbons, organza and horsehair along with beading options.  

Most popular length options are:

30" (elbow)- shown on model with light Swarovski silver rhinestone beading around edge.

45" (fingertip)

53" (ballerina) 

70" (floor)

90" (chapel)

110" (mini cathedral) - shown on model with 30" long blusher attached.

120" (full cathedral)

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