Wedding Atelier New York wows brides right on Madison Avenue

One of the TOP 50 bridal salons in the country, Wedding Atelier  the brain child of Carrie Hung style guru and entrepreneur extraordinaire, offers gorgeous, hand-selected couture wedding dresses and generous personal attention in a lovely private space located on Madison Avenue, (between 27th and 28th) in New York City.  

Wedding Atelier is located in an expansive 4th floor space in NYC’s NOMAD (North of Madison Park), a fun and diverse neighborhood with great shopping, restaurants, and services. This amazing space is chic and elegant, but also cozy and comfortable. It’s designed to be used, enjoyed, and shared. The lighting is excellent for looking at wedding dresses, both on and off. Wedding Atelier has lots of floor to travel and walls of mirrors (20 mirrors, to be exact) so you can see and feel each dress in motion. Their dressing and fitting rooms are roomy and private. Wedding Atelier also has plenty of spots for your guests with good views so they can share the experience with you. They have even created an isle for you to walk down so that you can totally get a feel of the wedding day in your wedding dress!

Wedding Atelier's space, like their dresses, is spotless. In the Asian tradition, staff and clients alike leave their shoes at the door. Together, they keep their house clean and help promote a sense of relaxation. Thank you Carrie!