Where do I fit in? The right veil for your body - the 3rd in a series on veil selection by Lead Designer Justine M

“A badly chosen accessory, however beautiful in its own right, will take the attention away from its wearers, and thus fail to do its job by becoming “the focus” rather than an complementing “accessory” which is it’s purpose. Most importantly; you should still feel like you!”

A properly selected veil should accentuate the positive aspects of your face, figure and coloring. Women with dramatic features can pull off a more dramatic detailed look, lighter complexions suit softer fabrics, embroidery and lighter laces. 

Face Shape and hair style is important…. correct placement of a veil is crucial to your overall look so consider how you are wearing your hair when selecting a veil.  If the veil feels overwhelming close to your face, try placing it further back towards your crown.  

Ask yourself when wearing your potential veil… does this veil compete with or add something to my gown and look?  How does the veil suit my personality?  Do you feel like you are wearing the veil or is it wearing you?  

One of the most important pieces of styling advice I give to brides is....

Let the stylist or designer help you.

We’ve all seen the reality shows and know that opinions of your family and friends matter, but most good quality bridal stores truly know how to style brides, and so take advantage of this skill and where possible attend a “designer present veil trunk show” – designers are qualified to select the perfect veil for brides based on all your needs and considerations:-  “it’s what we do best aside from design” so use this tool where possible and be honest about your likes and dislikes, it will help achieve your goal to find the perfect veil.