Hair vines add sparkle and an aura of luxury to your 'do

From the ancient Greeks to the Elizabethans to the flappers of the roaring 20s right up to today's style conscious bride, beautiful luxurious gold and silver and sparkling stones wrapped around the crown always adds an aura of luxury to any woman's ensemble!


The Justine M Couture Pearl and Glitter hair vine is a dramatic combination of precious metals and stones that will give any bride the aura of luxury she desires!  


Precious metal flowers and leaves adorned with sparkling rhinestone chain and pearls make this piece a favorite with stylists and brides.   

Precious metal and jeweled hair ornaments - beautiful adornments to brighten your bridal 'do'!

Beautiful jewelry in a woman's hair is an age old way to dress up for any occasion. From ancient China's dramatic combs and headpieces, to the combs and barrettes worn during England's Victorian era, a beautiful precious metal and jeweled embellishment added to a lady's hair has always been in style! Check out all of the Justine M Couture hair ornaments ....

Romantic and feminine styles galore! You're going to love our new collections arriving later this year!

Coming 2016...The Secret Garden Collection. A romantic, feminine wonderland of flowers and garden themed accessories you will swoon over! Can't you just see yourself in a beautiful Secret Garden, sitting under a majestic old tree resplendent with Spring blooms, your dreamy, diaphanous dress flowing down to your toes and spreading across the emerald green grass- and of course- you are wearing a fabulous crown from Justine M Couture's Secret Garden Collection! 

And now a poem we love by the very talented poet Hannah York

The Secret Garden
There's rambling roses slowly growing, 
And a creaking mossy swing is groaning, 
Birds will swoop throughout the day, 
Snatching shiny fruit along the way, 
Plants will grow and stretch up high, 
To steal a sun ray from the sky, 
There's a sparkling stream a flowing, 
And still the magic keeps on growing, 
The sandstone walls will never crumble, 
As long as flowery blossom tumbles, 
The weathered gate shall never fail, 
Or shatter in an angry gail, 
None shall ever mute the lark, 
Nor make this secret garden stark, 
It shall grow on blossoming love, 
Hope and purity of a snow white dove, 
Nothing shall ever tear it apart, 
For this haven lives in your heart. 

~ Hannah York