It’s tough to admit that many happy stories originate in those that are sad, but it’s important for us to acknowledge the ebb and flow of life and all its lessons and permutations.  This story starts in December of 1991 on a sad note with the passing of my dear Mum, Helena at the too early age of 45.  I was 21 when she passed, young and vulnerable in a world that felt very big while I felt very small.  It seems to me that loved ones that are about to leave us see life with a simple clarity, removing all the unimportant noise and fog seeing only the truth.  The last time I spoke with my Mum she gave me such a stunningly simple message that to this day I am amazed at its ability, when shared, to hold a person steadfast to themselves and on the right path.  

She said “Be Happy”.  

Be Happy was the conduit along which I should live my life and this fundamental piece of instruction was her parting gift to me.   I was to never stray from the path of being happy because by simply being happy, all good things will come.  It’s the most basic requirement for life, with happiness you are already successful, you are already “there”.  Happiness equals contentment.

Such a joyfully sweet gift and the only one I will ever truly need. 

Getting married is one of the happiest times in our lives.  Enjoy the preparation, enjoy the day but in the busy-ness of preparing for your big day, and when pondering you future together, remember, that the application of the simple messages, such as “Be Happy”, will help you focus on the important things in life and help you worry less about the things you can’t control.


Special tag in every Justine M Couture veil.

Special tag in every Justine M Couture veil.

Life at trunk shows and why we love them

A few thoughts on our Designer present trunk shows...

Trunk Shows are very concentrated events for wedding gown and accessory designer. Designers travel cross country or internationally, stay in hotels, meets with dozens and dozens of brides, plus the store's concierges and style experts, tailors, managers, buyers and even a lot of the bride's family. It is, of course, an emotional time for the bride and her family, so being present and working face to face with these lovely girls is far more than just matching a veil to a dress or beautiful headpieces and jewelry to their overall style. Our Lead Designer Justine M loves life at trunk shows. Working with people to help them have the most incredible day of their lives is such a gift and Justine says "I'm so blessed to work with such beautiful families and brides it's truly an honor!" 


Designer Justine M met this beautiful bride [above] at a Kleinfeld Canada Justine M Couture trunk show. Justine says "Kim stole my heart with her picture of her mum (who sadly passed away six years ago) that she brought with her to her gown appointments so her mum could be there. Kim's mum was holding that little curious George when she passed so Kim has had George with her every night since. I was so touched be her devotion and her families' love."


Scenes from a trunk show at Kleinfeld New York where Lead Designer of Justine M Couture Justine M meets with many different brides over a few days to help them match their accessories to their dream gown. Interacting with real brides in real time is so valuable for a designer as inspiring brides with new and exciting looks is of course very important, but knowing what they want and how they feel is everything.  Justine M Couture strives to always help the bride feel the way she wants to feel on her wedding day; beautiful, classic, trendy, powerful and in love. We thank you for the honor. Please keep up with our schedule of trunk shows here.

Real Weddings Magazine sendS Justine M Couture some lovin'!

We just love it when awesome magazines like Real Weddings from Sacramento showcase our creations on their cover! Check out our Winter Palace necklace on model Jackie [brunette far right] on the Spring 2016 cover!

Thank you Real Weddings we love you too!  Hey if you're in Northern California / Bay Area and want to see more of the Justine M Couture collection of bridal accessories and veils be sure to stop in at Perfect Details Salon and tell then we said hello!

Featured style: The Florence Veil in the Embellished Collection

We are often asked if we love all of our veil creations equally. Of course we do! But out of the myriad of styles, shapes, textures, trims and options that we offer in our veils we were bound to come up with a couple of favorites....and the Florence veil from the Embellished collection is one of them.


This lovely, rich veil has a traditional cut veil with medium gather on comb, embroidery all round the edge and is embellished with intricate, hand sewn filigree embroidery and delicate seed pearls, beads and stones throughout bottom and sides of veil. We love it!


Why we love Southern Bride Magazine and all the Southern Brides who read it

What is it about a southern bride and a southern wedding?  The old-school style charm, the rich landscape, the historic beauty of the cities and buildings?

Maybe it's all those manners since justine and COUTURE's lead designer is from England we have a particular appreciation for a land of people who love old fashioned pastimes and good manners!


Of course it helps when the South has such an amazing magazine and blog as Southern bride!


Southern bride magazine has been kind enough to showcase just going into tour pieces more than once over the years these images showcase a beautiful shoot by the seashore. 


The most popular Justine M Couture veils all in one spot

Did you know that we have gathered together all of the most popular Justine M Couture veils and put them into one lovely catalog just to delight you? Check it out here, but we warn you.... they're so gorgeous you 're going to want to have a wedding just to have an excuse to wear one! 

Coming soon: the Moon Lagoon Multipurpose piece

Launching 2015 Justine M Couture presents the Moon Lagoon Multipurpose piece: a beautiful and dramatic trail of faux mother of pearl navettes that can be worn wrapped around your waist, hairline, neck or even arm.

Three lovely strands of silver rhinestone and faux mother of pearl navette stones are finished at ends with silver filigree and organza tie back.  

Moon Lagoon shown worn as a vine styled headpiece 

Moon Lagoon shown worn as a vine styled headpiece 

The Moon Lagoon Is available in Silver metal, stones and faux mother of pearl off white navettes.

Moon Lagoon shown with as a dramatic necklace  

Moon Lagoon shown with as a dramatic necklace  


Matching your veil to your gown: The second in our series of expert veil advice from LEAD DESIGNER JUSTINE M

Gown meet Veil - Veil meet Gown…

Your gown is the best tool to use when selecting a veil and accessories.  This single item so intimately highlights the outline of your personality.  A simple gown with clean lines is a clean canvas to paint on it what you will …..add a lace veil for a romantic vintage touch, a heavily beaded or embroidered veil for classic elegance or keep it simple with a raw cut (no trim) for effortless sophistication. 

Make your veil work for you!

Other fun tips to consider is that most cathedral veils can we double up as a wrap for an evening reception by placing the veil over the shoulders, for a multi purpose look.  Long veils can also be bustled into the skirt of the gown so that you get to wear them for longer and highlight any embroidery or detail…… be sure to make the veil work for you!  

Length, Cut and Details

The veil’s length, cut, styling and details are easier to select if you consider the style of your bridal gown.  Consideration should always be given to the back of the gown to ensure that any particular pattern or cut, bow or waist band, bustle, belt or beading on the back of your gown isn’t compromised by adding a veil with competing trim or mainly in the wrong length.  Elaborate and flamboyant gowns can be enhanced by dramatic or simple veils, depending on the wearer’s personality. 

The Catherine Veil from the Justine M Couture Avant Grade Collection

The Catherine Veil from the Justine M Couture Avant Grade Collection

Gown Shape and Width

When choosing a veil your bridal gown’s shape and width should be considered.

  • A gown with a lot of movement works well with a wavy or “waterfall” cut veil.
  • A full-skirted ball gown is the perfect gown to pair with a wide cut or “teardrop” shape veil to encompass the width of the full skirt. 
  • A gown with very straight or clean lines works well with any veil, as you can either mirror the line of the dress or create more volume with shape.

You can create a more dramatic silhouette with any veil by adding layers, thereby adding volume and character. Consider a circular cut veil where the comb is in the center of a circle or oval so that the trimmed edge sits around the base of the veil (i.e. away from the face) allowing you to wear a more elaborately trimmed veil.

Watch for our next article in the series..."Veil Terminology" coming soon!


Trunk show through August 8 shows off latest Justine M Couture style right outside Philadelphia.

Nicole Bridal in Jenkintown Pa is a fabulous place to find everything a bride needs for a stylish wedding including the Justine Couture collection on show right now through August 8!  

Located at  The Pavilion 261 Old York RoadJenkintown , PA 19046

Located at The Pavilion 261 Old York RoadJenkintown , PA 19046

Nicole Bridal carries top designer gowns like Claire Pettibone (as seen below), St. Puccini, Rivini, Ian Stuart, Eugenia and Kelly Chase.  

And here are some lovely Claire Pettibone styles for your enjoyment! 


Selecting your veil: Lead Designer Justine M brings you expert advice on Veils

In the modern world… women have a fresh approach when it comes to thinking about the wedding veil, now considered a bridal accessory, rather than a tool worn for modesty.

(above the Justine M Couture Kyoto Veil in the Avant Garde Collection)

A veil is not something we wear everyday, and selecting one that suits your own style [and that perfectly complements your bridal gown] can be a daunting task. Veils add an extra sense of tradition and flair for occasion. And your veil should enhance your style and personality.

(above the Justine M Couture Paisley Veil in the Embellished Collection)

Today we bring you the first in a weekly series of tried and tested “veil facts” to help any bride find the perfect veil! Designer Justine M says...

There are 6 key things to consider when selecting your veil style:

  1. Veil Length (short & flirty or long & dramatic) should complement your gown
  2. The cut of the Veil (refers to the Veil's shape) again be sure to pair with your gown
  3. The gather/thickness of the Veil (the way the veil is attached to the comb)
  4. The number of layers the Veil has (1 is translucent, 2 or more is bold and mysterious)
  5. The Veil's trim (lace along the edge?) or decorative beading (scattered beading?)
  6. The comb type (the way the Veil attaches to your head)

Some brides love a dreamy and bold “full poufy” look that multiple layers creates and some brides prefer a more simple “fine gather” look with a simple trim. Your veil matches your personality more than any other accessory!

Justine M Couture has the capacity to cut any veil in a variety of different thicknesses and lengths. Also comfort is a huge factor on your wedding day so be sure to pick a veil with a metal comb [the only type Justine M Couture uses] that will be comfortable and easy on your hair.

(above the Justine M Couture Pirouette Veil in the Lace and Mantilla Collection)

Stay tuned for the next installment....."Matching your Veil to your Gown" coming soon!

Fun Fact: Did you know that in Ancient Rome Brides appeared enveloped in a saffron-colored haze that symbolized the flame of Vesta, the goddess of home and the provider of life? Check out more fun facts on Veils on the "For Dummies" website!