It’s tough to admit that many happy stories originate in those that are sad, but it’s important for us to acknowledge the ebb and flow of life and all its lessons and permutations.  This story starts in December of 1991 on a sad note with the passing of my dear Mum, Helena at the too early age of 45.  I was 21 when she passed, young and vulnerable in a world that felt very big while I felt very small.  It seems to me that loved ones that are about to leave us see life with a simple clarity, removing all the unimportant noise and fog seeing only the truth.  The last time I spoke with my Mum she gave me such a stunningly simple message that to this day I am amazed at its ability, when shared, to hold a person steadfast to themselves and on the right path.  

She said “Be Happy”.  

Be Happy was the conduit along which I should live my life and this fundamental piece of instruction was her parting gift to me.   I was to never stray from the path of being happy because by simply being happy, all good things will come.  It’s the most basic requirement for life, with happiness you are already successful, you are already “there”.  Happiness equals contentment.

Such a joyfully sweet gift and the only one I will ever truly need. 

Getting married is one of the happiest times in our lives.  Enjoy the preparation, enjoy the day but in the busy-ness of preparing for your big day, and when pondering you future together, remember, that the application of the simple messages, such as “Be Happy”, will help you focus on the important things in life and help you worry less about the things you can’t control.


Special tag in every Justine M Couture veil.

Special tag in every Justine M Couture veil.