Featured Veil: The India Veil

India; land of drama, history and rich culture, and the inspiration for the totally dramatic, hand embroidered work of art that is our India Veil! And if you have ever been lucky enough to attended a traditional Indian wedding [numerous days of celebration, several ceremonies, over the top entrances on horses or elephants, music and color and incredible food, food, food for days] then you have experienced a level of wedding style that is truly memorable!

The India Veil is a traditional cut veil with light gather on comb and raw cut sides with elaborate embellished scroll embroidery in a combination of silver/gold thread at base and sides of veil, finished with beading throughout embroidery in silver.

The India Veil by Justine M Couture has silver and gold combination trim.

The most popular length for this veil is 110" but this veil is available in 70" floor length, 90" chapel length and the show stopping 120" cathedral length.

Featured Veil: The fabulously rich embroidered Armonde Veil

A gorgeous and bold English Net veil covered in rich hand embroidery, the Armonde Veil is one of our most popular veils for brides who want to raise the drama at their wedding in their photos. The Armonde Veil has all the intricacy of design that an antique veil offers yet with the durability of a modern day construction and fabric. This is a veil brides will  hand down for generations.