Our designs are crafted from the finest elements available in the world:  luxurious fabrics, English illusion tulle, raw silks and organza, authentic Swarovski crystallized elements and unique vintage stones sought from many shores. Bringing these elements together to create precious and timeless veils and accessories is our passion, and everything we craft is designed here in the USA.


Only the finest Illusion tulle, satin and ribbons, quality metal combs, authentic hand loomed lace imported from France and Japan and genuine Swarovski beads are engaged for our heirloom veils.  Embroidery is meticulously hand sewn by our seamstress artisans and hand finished at our studio in San Diego.  Justine is applying Swarovski rhinestones onto a prototype embroidered veil (bottom right image).


All of our designs are meticulously designed at our Solana Beach, SoCal studio by our team of local artisans and made from scratch.  Enamel flowers are hand painted and hand pressed, Swarovski stones are applied one by one, pearls are wire-wrapped and French woven using traditional techniques.  

Our designs are built to last and are a true labor of love to be cherished and passed down as heirloom treasures for generations to come.


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bead sampler.jpg
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